Friday, May 6, 2011

Kuntras: Prohibitions of Magic, Superstitions, Divination, Astrology, Etc.

Baruch Hashem, my wife and I were blessed with a new son last week!!! In honor of his birth and subsequent bris I published a small kuntras on the topic of Tamim Tihyeh Im Hashem Elokecha (You Must Be Perfect With Hashem Your God). The nature of the mitzvah is specific to stay away from certain forms of Avodah Zarah practices, astrology, superstition, magic, and divination of the future. The Rambam mentions that it was this specific mitzvah that Avraham was informed of when he gave himself a bris (hence the publication in honor of my son's bris). Additionally, Rabbeinu Yehuda ben HaRosh mentions that it is due to the lack of adherence to this mitzvah that the redemption has not yet occurred and that this mitzvah expresses the essence of the Torah in its entirety. One needs to ask why this is true. In order to do so I have written a detailed analysis of the prohibitions included in this mitzvah and assert an answer to this question at the end of this publication. Due to the fact that included in this mitzvah is a prohibition of certain forms of astrological prediction (according to some), I felt it appropriate to share with all those interested in this blog. For the full text of this work please click here.


Anonymous said...

Mazel tov! May you be zocheh to raise him l'Torah, l'chuppa u l'ma’asim tovim!!


Ari S. said...

Amein! Thank you very much!

in the vanguard said...

Mazel tov! May you raise him to become a talmid chochom and have much nachas from all your children!