Monday, October 10, 2011


As we approach Sukkos, I thought I would share another quick thought. We leave our more permanent houses this time of year in order to dwell for seven days in our temporary Sukkos. Thus, we commemorate that Hashem protected us in "Sukkos" throughout our travels in the wilderness.

Rabbeinu Bacheye teaches that the construction of a Sukkah mimicks the world around us. As seen in Rashi (Sukkah 4a, the "standard" Sukkah, in the eyes of Chazal, was constructed of three walls, not four. Rabbeinu Bacheye points out that this reflects the way this world appears to be set up. The Sun rises from the east and travels across the southern sky (northern for southern hemisphere dwellers) and then sets in the west. Thus, the Sun only travles across "three walls" of the sky and leaves the fourth open. The Sukkah of three walls expresses this point. (See Rabbeinu Bacheye Kad HaKemach, Sukkos)

Keep in mind that solar activity is integral to Sukkah design as one of the fundamental features of a Sukkah must be that there is more shade provided by the Schach than there is sunlight. Additionally, stellar activity plays somewhat of a role as it is appropriate for one to be able to gaze at the stars through the Schach.

Have a wonderful Sukkos!

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